suicide shower

by Faust Ghoul

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i feel stupid and horrible


released 16 December 2013

lonely broken souls, inspired by horrible fear and sadness



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Track Name: sealed
if only you knew i will show you one day the fortress in the clouds i found in the pacific there were so many colors and smells there seals and manatee i was thinking of you
Track Name: memo-1
one day it'll get to you one time it did seems like i had forgotten what it had said this all could be a dream it could not exist i hope that if i wake up ill be sure i did
Track Name: there's a horse in the mud
Track Name: whatever
we missed the first dug hole sit home till i warm my heart and i know that if i ever do then ill go and ill find you then one day i’ll know if i die it’ll go oh what happened to me we were haunted a ghost was here take hold but don’t look down and i won’t know till i live or die then ill call cause Im not dead until then all bets are off it will die and i will be with you oh no
Track Name: horror
they watched oceans fall off float off mist rose left those secret golden lights dieing horrors leaving nothing left please don’t haunt her don’t touch her smile one day i woke the sky bled sharp rock where’d you come from set ourselves on fire and blow it up to smoke silent trap door quiet slow down it turned the way i feared and now I’m dead who wants to hear my horror you don’t want to see tthiss
x ``
Track Name: memo-2
i would fall in a hole that never ends and when i get out i don't know what to say cause you fell when i had no hand that grab you and lift you up and lift you up i wish i had i wish i had but no ones around me and I'm left to see that i am not who i want to be and then all the things outside of me will kill for there self to be free just like me i don't know i made so many stupid mistakes i made so many stupid mistakes and I'm sorry im so sorry i don't know how it feels to be hurt by me yes i know how it feels to be hurt by me and it sucks a lot it sucks a lot i suck a lot it sucks a lot of balls and this hurts a shit load you know that i know but i think that i don't because it keeps happening it keeps happening and it keeps happening i keep doing what i thinks the matter and ill never be the same cause i have caused you so much pain and I'm sorry please believe me I'm so sorry please believe me i just have this feeling that we were so happy when you said what you said i remember everything that i felt its not over

i should rot in hell